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A new and Difficult Question for Schools TODAY:

How do teachers talk to young children about the environmental issues of the day in a way which avoids fear while instilling hope?

We think we have a great answer that you and your pupils will LOVE

TREEMENDOUS, an eco puppet show for 6 to 12 year olds.

The action involves saving a threatened woodland where local kids love to play. 

A passionate climate scientist and a well informed dog give vital information about ‘ecocide’ (the destruction of the environment), the policeman is convinced it is a crime, football fan Jim is ready for action while Mr Big Business has a change of heart and becomes a ‘new man’.

The story is one of hope: that things can change for the better.


We can all help to protect the Earth.

TREEMENDOUS offers a very unusual learning opportunity: a serious environmental theme imparted in a light and fun way by some very engaging characters.

     Register here for the eco puppet show educational package

Our eco puppet show package includes:

  • The story of TreeMendous. Telling the story prepares for the show, with teacher’s notes

  • A fun publicity poster for the show

  • Treemendous puppet show video (16 mins)

  • Learning resource for teachers: developing the educational content of the show.

  • Feedback form

  • Invitation to Donate 

Our work is inspired by the late Polly Higgins (1958 -2019), widely known as the Earth lawyer, who dedicated her life to developing a Law of Ecocide to protect the Earth.

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